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Piotr Bugzel, was born on December 12,1970 in Poznań. The future vocalist, composer and lyrics writer was raised in a family of musicians. This was a natural way for the kid to be engulfed with music and grow up with the music of Elvis playing in the background and a guitar always at hand. Obviously, this had to impact Piotr's future and made the King his trusty companion in his music and show career.

2011 - The Artists is interviewed in February by the Poznań based Merkury radio station and presents the Polish remake of Elvis' classic In the Ghetto (Pol. Gdzieś tam w Getcie), with lyrics by Stanisław Kaczmarek. Piotr also records a video for the song in February. The artist gives a series of summer live shows and performed in November for the French and international audience in the Batimat exhibition, receiving a warm welcome.

2010 - One of the year's notable events was the beginning of collaboration between Piotr and the ROCKIN`MINDS REVIVAL band, an ensemble of professional musician from Gdańsk. The cooperation leads to the recording of the Polish remake of the unforgettable classic In the Ghetto, in the recording studio Ołowianka of the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra. Obtaining the official authorization and license to use Stanisław Kaczmarek's lyrics is Piotr's great success, a true feat. This gives Piotr a great opportunity to record more hits by the King of Rock'n'Roll. 2010 is also a year of great success on the scene. Given the current crisis in entertainment, the massive number of 45 concerts and recitals is surely an impressive number. Last, but no least, the artist commences ongoing cooperation with the most famous revue show in Poland - VIVA.

2009 - The Artist gives a total of 53 concerts, each time enjoying enthusiastic applause and giving unforgettable memories to the audience.

2008 - ,,"Mam Talent TVN" - "The Polish Elvis", Piotr Bugzel, makes a fabulous entry to the semi-finals of the popular "Got Talent" franchise. Piotr's talent is recognized and appreciated both by the audience and the jury: Małgorzata Foremniak, Agnieszka Chylińska and Kuba Wojewódzki.

2008 - "Walk a golden mile in my shoes" - never has a Polish artist performed on this greatest European festival of Elvis Presley's songs. Piotr Bugzel is the first Pole granted this extraordinary honor. "Walk a golden mile in my shoes" is 3-day festival licensed by "Elvis Presley Enterprise", an organization founded by Priscilla Presley, realized by Martin Fox and Michael King. It was held in Blackpool, UK, from January 4-6, 2008. 68 vocalists were invited to participate in the festival's 5th edition. Piotr Bugzel never flinched under pressure and joined the top European performers at the prestigious festival. He performed twice in the main event, singing "Suspicious minds" and "I can’t help falling in love" and for the gospel concert presented "American trilogy".

2007 - "European Elvis Night" - the renowned UK TV broadcaster, BCC, organizes and records a concert hosted by Vernon Kay. From among 35,000 singers only the very best Elvis impersonators are invited, Piotr Bugzel was one of them. A total of 15 top European performers of Elvis' songs took part in it. Piotr Bugzel sang "Can’t help falling in love with you" and "Devil in disguise". The audience was astonished with Piotr's appearance

2007 - "Elvis Night" - Performing at numerous concerts in Poland and abroad Piotr Bugzel presents his latest set of covers of Elvis Presley's top hits

2006 - A recording made with Grzegorz Kupczyk and Wojciech Korda of the anthem "Jazda na Fula" (Full Throttle) for the Poznań speedway team "Skorpiony".

2006 – A tour in Hamburg, Prenzlau and Berlin, where his performance of the King's classics and songs from the "Jestem Pewien" (I am sure) album received an unusually warm reception. Piotr also performs in Blue Note in Poznań, and his appearance once again is a total success.

2006 – Piotr's first solo record hits the stores: "Jestem Pewien" (I am sure). The record is played by radio stations across Poland and enjoys the status of the week's best record.

2004 – Piotr writes an anthem for the charity "Lepsze Jutro" (For a Better Tomorrow) that supports children's' homes nationwide. The anthem is performed by Małgorzata Ostrowska. He also participates in many other charity events, such as "Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy" (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity).

2003 - 2006 - Works with a young vocalist, Aleksandra Jabłonka, to promote her; created studio recordings for her, too. "Ola Love" became a hit and launched Aleksandra's solo career.

2002 - 25 years passes from the day Elvis Presley died. To commemorate this day Piotr performs in a concert in Mrągowo, aptly called "Elvis is alive in Poland". The concert is broadcasted in TVP 2.

2000 - Starts a tour in Poland and Germany, performing his own interpretations of Elvis Presley's songs

1998 - Starts working with and composing for the Apropo’s band and Monika Głębowicz (now known as Mosqiutoo). Piotr Bugzel's songs are played in Channel 3 of the Polish Radio.

1994 - Piotr starts a rock band "Amber Black". The band supported Lombard and Budka Suflera in Arena in Poznań, in Spodek in Katowice and in Torwar in Warsaw. Piotr also performs at many live open air and club events.

1992 – Starts a pop and rock band "New Reaction". RMF FM and Channel 1 of the Polish Radio broadcast songs composed by Piotr: "Prośba o przebudzenie" (Let me awake) and "Błysk świateł lamp" (In the lamp's shining light).

1990 - Enters a singer's school in Poznań and begins taking guitar lessons.

1989 – Performs songs by Elvis Presley and others in the youth talent competition Sopot '89 to secure his victory in the qualifying session.

1986 – Winner of the "Spiewać każdy może" (Everyone's a singer) competition in "Nurt", a famous student club. Part of the main award is an interview and broadcasting the song on TV.